Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn Splendor is on the way...

I have been so busy designing new yummy knits for fall and winter, getting a Junior in high school and a 2nd grader ready for a new school year, and becoming a first time Room Mom that I've neglected this little old blog. So here are the knits I've been working on...
                                                                 Knit Hat Admiral Blue

                                                   Chunky Knit Bracelet Lemongrass

                                                            Autumn Knit Bracelet

I am also working on making some of my patterns available for purchase on my Etsy shop
In the meantime, I await the cool colorful crisp Autumn...

                                    Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson
                                                    In the other gardens
                                                    And all up the vale,
                                               From the autumn bonfires
                                                   See the smoke trail!

                                                Pleasant summer over
                                             And all the summer flowers,
                                                  The red fire blazes,
                                                The grey smoke towers.

                                              Sing a song of seasons!
                                               Something bright in all!
                                                Flowers in the summer,
                                                     Fires in the fall!

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