Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Free Pattern Day!

A FREE pattern for hand warmers/gauntlets/finger-less gloves...whatever you'd like to call them. They're cute and practical and have endless color combination choices. These are made using worsted/aran weight yarn. 

Color Block Hand Warmers/Finger-less Gloves
version 1

Materials: size 7 double pointed needles, 2 colors of worsted/aran weight yarn
Cast on 29 stitches. (Needle 1: 10/ Needle 2: 8/ Needle 3: 11)
Get ready to join in the round, but first grab the last stitch you cast on and put it on the first needle and knit them together. (You will have a total of 28 stitches.This step makes the join smooth and even. You've just joined the round:)

Knit in Stockinette stitch (knit every round) for 30 rounds.
Switch to contrast color and knit around for 3 rounds.
Next round: k3, bind off 4 stitches, knit to the end of the round.
Next round: k3, using backwards loop method cast on 4 stitches, knit to the end of the round.
Knit in stockinette for 4 rounds.

Now you can get a little creative and choose how you'd like to finish the gloves. Version 1 shows a Moss stitch, version 2 shows a ribbed stitch, or you can just continue working in stockinette and you have a rolled edge, the same as the cast on edge.

Whichever stitch you choose, work as follows:
Knit in your stitch of choice for 10 rounds. 
Bind off loosely, or bind off in ribbing for extra stretchy-ness. 
Weave in your ends and make the second glove exactly the same way.

Ribbed Edge version


(This is a free pattern for personal use.)