Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Etsy Artisan Feature

Today I'm featuring a wonderful Etsy shop Vividplease, run by Vicky and David of Edinburgh, Scotland. Vividplease is filled with an assortment of goods including illustrated tote bags, photography, prints and stationary just to name a few. So let's meet this artsy duo...

Tell us a bit about you both.
I (Vicky) am the one who does all the rambling and (at large) the crafting where as David is the brains behind the operation; as you can see we're like the perfect match! I went to art school and studied fine art, where as David is a self taught graphic designer. He is the ying to my yang :) We met whilst we were working at an advertising agency and started hanging out when we realised we were a little different to those we work with; we found that there wasn't that many people working creatively outside of the building which is a shame considering it is meant to be a creative industry. Neither of us could find fullfilment with what we were doing so started working on our own projects together.

Illustrated Tote Bag

What has been the biggest change in your lives since starting your Etsy shop?
Social media is a fierce beast to tame! Self promotion is really difficult when you stock such a variety of different products as we are talking to a lot of different people rather than just people interested in buying one type of thing like jewelry. Summing up what we do in one sentence is probably our biggest challenge. Currently we're describing our shop as "Bags, Stationery, Prints & Accessories for Kitsch Geeks" but we are constantly working on it. We'd love to hear how other people would describe our shop :)

Ornament Biscuits

What do you do to stay inspired in your business?
I don’t think we could ever sit and make just one kind of thing, we'd find it suffocating. Having diversity in the shop helps us stay inspired as when we're having a rubbish time with one project, we can set it aside and work on another. Variety is key to inspiration. You'll always find a way around the problem if you look at it with fresh eyes. Sometimes the best thing to do when you have a block is to do something entirely different!

Vintage Typewriter Notecard

What do you like to do in your free time?
We love a good car boot sale and a bit of thrifting! We are avid collections so are always looking for funny trinkets to add to Vivid HQ. We love the stories vintage items have and find a lot of our inspiration comes from them. It's great how one person's trash can be another's treasure!
( for us in the states who are wondering what a "car boot sale" is, it's basically a yard sale/flea market with sellers selling goods out of their car trunks.)

Engraved Nerdy Pencils

How can we find you?
You can browse our etsy boutique at Vividplease
Check out our tutorials, features and inspiration on our blog at
And keep up with us on twitter at!/VividPlease

A big, big thank you to Vicky and David for sharing today! 

(you can see Vicky and David's feature of yours truly right HERE)


  1. what amazing items, thanks for sharing...have a super week!

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    1. Thanks Teresa :D we're delighted you like them!
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  2. Great feature, love those pencils!

    1. Thanks Lori :D We love a bit of cheeky pencil action!

  3. Thanks so much for having us Windy City Knits!
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