Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Little WCK Bio and A New Hat!

I was filling out a questionnaire for an upcoming blog feature about my background and I thought I'd share a little about me and my knitting background.

I've always loved all different crafts, sewing, crochet, jewelry, but I didn't start knitting until about 11 years ago. A friend showed me how to cast on and make a knit stitch and then I taught myself everything else from books and online tutorials. 
I work part time at a retail store and I care for my two daughters the rest of the time. I do my best to work on my Etsy shop while they're in school so I can spend time with them and not have knitting needles in my hands, lol. My inspiration comes from the yarns I use and nature. I love picking up a skein of yarn, studying the texture and color and thinking about seasonal colors around me. Living in Chicago, where in the winter it can drop below zero with the wind chill, I definitely design and create knitted pieces that are functional too. My advice to shops just starting is to be patient and get involved with teams because they are full of other artisans who have so much great advice and are there to help. 

And I have a new hat to show: 
You can see this hat in two Treasuries on Etsy -
                 Foggy Day in London
                 Read My Lips

And a new Headband / Choker:

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