Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I Met My Soulmate

So I was over at Cathie Filian's Make Something today and read the sweetest post about how she met her soulmate. I got to thinking of how I met mine. My husband and I were set up by a mutual friend, well sort of set up. This friend had been telling me I would be perfect for D for quite awhile. She told me D was going to be playing guitar at a coffee house and I should go and see him play. So I went with a couple of friends to see him play. I watched him play guitar from afar, not having the courage to go up and say hi and introduce myself. I think I fell for him right then. He never even knew I was there until after we had started dating a few weeks later and I told him about it. Our mutual friend gave him my number and he called soon after. We went out on a date and have been inseparable ever since. We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this year.
Soul mates forever.
D and me 1994

D and me 2011

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  1. Seventeen years! How amazing. Way to go!

  2. OMG!! This is just so so so very sweet!
    We wish you all the sweetness to last you both a lifetime together!!