Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I posted on here. Life has been busy:D

My WindyCityKnits Etsy shop has been doing well and I've added a few new designs. I'm taking some time now to knit for myself and I'm also designing some fall/winter knits as well. It's kind of hard to design warm wool knits in the summer but I'm trying to stay ahead of the game, ha:)  I'm thinking of soft, warm, wool cabled mittens and hats and some convertible glove/mittens.

Really enjoying spending time with my girls and the sunshine. I've also been trying to utilize my crafting skills around my home by sewing some napkins from my bottomless bin of scrap fabric and knitting reusable dish and wash cloths. The 7 year old is having fun helping with that too. I've found a very easy pattern for the napkins here: http://www.curbly.com/diy-maven/posts/3728-how-to-sew-a-simple-napkin

Here are a couple of new knits from my shop:

Happy Summer!


  1. Your napkin project sounds like fun. I always love doing projects with scarps!

  2. Stopping by from the Wednesday blog hop :)

  3. Love the pics, I am from chicago and miss it especially this time of year. newest fan from handmade wedns. come by when you get a chance


  4. I signed up with networked blog , but dont see it on your website.

  5. Love the sound of your napkin project - good luck! Erika Price Jewelry

  6. OMG ! fI need a clothe napking pattern myself. Thank you for posting the link!! I got over her from the blog hop!

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